News: Duo who duped men by promising to turn them into gigolos, held

Source: Times of India

Pune: A couple who lured men with a tempting promise to turn them into gigolos has been arrested by police following complaints by the disillusioned youth

Fahad Hakkim and his 20-year-old wife Bushra were nabbed at Ambernath by Pune police in Mumbai on Monday on a complaint by a city youth who stated that in response to a newspaper advertisement he deposited a sum of money into a particular bank account to become member of a club of male masseurs to serve high profile rich women.

However, after depositing the money, his calls to the advertised mobile number went unanswered. After he approached the police who have protected his identity, the suspects were traced on the basis of cell phone records and bank account details.

Police believe that several persons from many parts of the country have been duped by the racket exploiting the lusty youths conjuring up the image of a supposedly much sought after gigolo by high society females.

Source: Link to Times of India article


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