Seven Steps to Gigolo Success

Seven Steps to Gigolo Success

Step 1

She never pays

You have a steady girlfriend and have regular sex but she never pays. You pay for coffee, dinners, movies, cabs, hotel pay for everything.

Step 2

She pays sometimes

She enjoys the sex so much that she insists on paying for some dates, occasionally.

Step 3

She pays all the time

She is so addicted to the sex, she is afraid to lose you, and pays for ALL THE DATES, hoping that will keep other girls from stealing you away.

Step 4

You have no time for dating, only sex

You don’t have time for dates. You ask her to book a hotel room and send you room number. You want only sex.

Step 5

You become well known

News about your performance spreads. Other girls book hotel rooms and send you room numbers.

Step 6

You charge for 'tatkal' service

Girls are wait-listed to date you, so you charge EXTRA FEE for early appointment. You are now technically a ‘gigolo’ but you still depend on your social circle for clients.

Step 7

Get clients anywhere

You can approach women anywhere, display your masculinity, get her phone number, inform her about your services and charges, meet at a private place, get paid.

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