Why am I offering tips for free?

People often ask, why am I offering this information for free? What's the catch?

Why am I offering tips for free?

I am a professional Gigolo, busting myths and offering free tips for men who wish to learn.

Why am I doing this for free? (guys ask me that all the time). Two reasons.

Reason # 1. The world needs more trained gigolos. Despite the glut of gigolos online who offer their service for "free", my clients wait for me to be available, so they can pay me good money. Clearly there is more demand than supply.

Reason # 2. There is a rash of fake gigolo "agencies" duping young men. They promise clients in exchange for a fee, and as soon they get the money they block your phone number so you can no longer contact them. And victims almost never contact the police, out of shame.