Gigolo has become a bad word in India.
Training begins with new name.

Gigolo: Man who is expert at pleasuring women.
Gigolo Club: Place where women pick up a gigolo, without worrying about whether he is good at his job, because the Club has tested his skills (inside and outside bedroom) before awarding him membership.

But that is only in Western countries, not in India.

In India any sexually frustrated guy can call himself gigolo even though he has no skill with women. And Indian gigolo clubs, are just a bunch of fraud operations run by scam artists.

Even Google knows this now. Search results for gigolos in India now show scammer sites and news stories about police arresting fraud gigolo clubs.

I started the gigolo revolution in India. I offered free tips to help other gigolos improve their skills. But my free tips caused some problems. As soon as I posted tips on where to find clients, the place got crowded by horny guys who had no experience with women but who called themselves gigolos. Soon the place lost its value and women avoided the place. Here's an example. Years ago, I posted a tip for gigolos to increase their business by advertising on free internet classified sites. I had posted a few ads for my trainee students and they got hundreds of clients. I shared the tip online so that other gigolos could benefit, but thousands of virgin guys posted their profiles calling themselves gigolos. Women hired them and realized these guys were useless. Word spread. Women stopped trusting these sites totally. Even genuine gigolos stopped getting business from these sites. The only people who benefited were the free classified sites, who introduced Premium pricing for the first time. Today, the only 'gigolos' on these free classified sites are virgin guys with no experience. The only women contacting them are employees of fraud gigolo clubs promising them clients in exchange for money. It has become a racket.

There are many ways to get clients for your gigolo business, but they only work if you are a skilled gigolo.

I will begin my training soon but I will not use the word Gigolo because it has become a bad word in India.

I will now use the word Khiladi.

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